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Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic

Brand: Microsoft Windows
Product Code: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic
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This DVD is used to install a fresh copy of the Windows 7 Home Basic (English) operating system on your computer. 
How to use this CD: This DVD is bootable. Just insert your DVD into your DVD drive and then start your computer. Your computer will detect that a bootable DVD is inserted and start reading your DVD automatically. It will show you a text on the screen similar to this: "Please press any key to boot from DVD..." When you see this text, press a key and this will start the installation process. Follow on-screen instructions carefully and finish installation. Installation will take about 25-30 minutes depending on the speed of your computer. After installation, Windows will ask you if you want to activate your Windows. When you see that screen, enter your key and continue. After installation, you may need to install the original drivers of your computer. Please note that this DVD does not include any drivers. You will need to visit your computer manufacturer's website to download your original drivers.

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Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic
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