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Children Education Software (Ages 6-11, 11-14, )

Children Education Software (Ages 6-11, 11-14, )

Brand: Advantage
Product Code: Children Education Software (Ages 6-11, 11-14, )
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Platform:PC/Mac Disc

Advantage provides an interactive learning experience and the tools students need to gain learning confidence and improve their grades. Help your child build a solid academic foundation with Elementary Advantage, a complete student resource center that combines lessons, exercises and quizzes with additional learning resources to support and motivate your child in reaching his full academic potential. With Elementary Advantage, your child will develop knowledge in Math, English, Spelling and Grammar. Additional study aids such as iPod study materials, Hoyle Chess and "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing" edition for Kids will help support the learning process while brain building games make studying fun.

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Children Education Software (Ages 6-11, 11-14, )
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